“Remember that transformation is a present activity” – J. Michaels

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Couples & Sex Therapy

Achieve Peace & Satisfaction Within Your Relationship

Couples Therapy   |   Marriage Therapy   |   Relationship Counselling   |   Separation & Divorce   |   Sex Therapy   |   Affair Recovery   |   Relationship Trauma   |   Mediation   |   Parenting Strategies


Through my experience working with couples, I believe the secret to creating both a satisfying and lasting relationship is when two people are committed to working on their relationship, creating a mutually fulfilling couple bond by working on a few specific strategies. I have successfully helped many couples, including gay couples, lesbian couples, and transgendered couples, achieve this by teaching and coaching them to:


  • Create a supportive communication style
  • Identify and establish a set of mutually satisfying agreements
  • Build a strong and active couple bond
  • Overcome barriers to intimacy
  • Create a healthy and satisfying sex life
  • Heal relationship traumas
  • Craft a more pleasurable love life
  • Mediate a separation respectfully

Individual Counselling

Achieve Personal Goals for Lifelong Success

Hypnotherapy   |   Grief and Loss   |   CBT/ Changing Self-Defeating Patterns   |   Depression and Anxiety   |   Trauma and PTSD   |  Addictions   |   Self-confidence   |   Stress & Anger Management   |   Sexual Orientation Issues   |   Career counselling   |   Existential and Spiritual Counselling

I am an individual, family, and couple therapist who can offer you sound therapeutic support in a comfortable and peaceful setting. My approach is non-judgement, client-centered, practical and results oriented. Together we achieve your desired personal and professional goals!


Clinical Therapeutic Supervision

As a seasoned and emotionally mature therapist, I can provide confidential clinical supervision in a safe and comfortable environment either in person or, for out of town clients, via phone, skype or Facetime.  My approach is to help you to develop both personally and professionally toward becoming a well-rounded therapist and to establish a successful practice.

Coaching & Consulting

Achieve Desirable Results

Life Coaching   |   Emotional & Spiritual Coaching   |   Career Coaching   |   Business & Leadership Coaching   |   Executive Coaching   Mental Performance Coaching

Hiring a coach is an act of self-love. Through the process of coaching, anyone can achieve their desired outcome if they are committed 100%. It is a satisfying process to see immediate results which you can expect to see by the end of our first session. Whether personal or professional in nature, with my coaching and therapeutic skills, using practical and effective coaching tools, respecting your timelines, and using motivational tools that best fit your style, I can support you in being accountable to your desired success.


Conflict Resolution   |   Mediation   |   Training & Meetings   |   Downsizing   |   Time Management   |   Motivational Speaking   |   Self-Care Strategies   |   Work-Life Balance

Consultation services are available for building and strengthening business and business relationships. I can provide sound management strategies proven to increase a positive work environment leading to greater staff morale and fiscal success.

Transformational Therapies

Achieve Spiritual Grounding & Deep Healing

Hypnotherapy   |   Meditation   |   Mindfulness   |   Life Coaching | Reiki | Integrative Energy Therapy | Affirmation Conditioning Therapy | Angel Therapy | Past Life Regression Therapy | Theta Healing | Emotional Freedom Therapy | Spiritual Therapy | Processing of Near Death Experience (NDE)

Throughout my life and especially as a therapist, I have observed that spirituality and emotions are partners when it comes to health and wellness. A healthy spiritual life allows for greater and deeper emotional healing, especially so with those who have experienced loss or trauma.

I believe that developing a grounded spiritual life is the key to:


  1. Discovering who we are
  2. Creating meaning out of our challenging experiences
  3. Generating deep emotional and even physical healing
  4. Guiding us in actualizing our soul’s true purpose

Groups & Speaking Events

Achieve Life & Business Success

Groups & Training   |   Stress-management   |   Self-care   |   Relationships & Intimacy   |   Improving Self-Confidence   |   PTSD and Coping with Triggers   |   Success and Motivation   |   Finding Your Life Purpose   |   Near Death Experience

Coaching groups are fun and transformational. When a group of like-minded people who are driven to achieve health and happiness gather, it is exciting, life changing, and soul healing! The benefits of being part of a group is that group members can expect is an exchange of mutual support and encouragement, learning together sound therapeutic strategies while holding each other accountable, developing safety in friendships in a confidential environment, and celebration of personal healing.

Hiring a motivational speaker or as a trainer can be the best investment you can make to help your company or organization toward fiscal success in this constantly changing economic market. It can be beneficial to both your employees and your company by providing inspiration, bringing a fresh new perspective, increase employee morale and personal job satisfaction while reaching your business goals. We all want to feel more valued, be more productive, and be successful whether as employees, manager or owners of a business.

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