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Welcome to my F.A.Q. page. I’ve done my best to collect your top questions asked about my services and hope that you’ll find your answer here. If not, please feel free to contact me using our contact form below or the “Contact” page link located in the top menu bar.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect a response to my questions?

I make every attempt to respond to all inquiries and requests within 24 hours unless I’m away from the office.

How long of a wait for service?

That depends on volume of active clients, but generally I make an effort to see new clients within two weeks.

Do both my partner/spouse/husband and I have to attend for the first session for couple therapy?

That is entirely up to you. Some like to each have an individual session prior to meeting as a couple to discuss their individual concerns and some don’t. There is no right or wrong way to start. My focus is on the relationship when working with a couple. Generally, I prefer to see both at once.

How many sessions is generally needed for couple therapy?

Research has shown that couple therapy may take 8-20 sessions. However, I try to accelerate the process by recommending activities and strategies to practice between sessions. The need for sessions is dependent on the couple themselves and their level of commitment to creating the changes they seek for a healthier relationship.

Can I expect confidentiality?

Absolutely!  All sessions are strictly confidential. The only exception to this practice standard is when there is a risk of threat of self-injury or threat of injury to another.

Also, in couple therapy, my practice standard is that I keep individual sessions with either partner confidential so what is discussed with one partner individually is kept confidential and not shared with the other partner by the therapist. However, the sharing of information is encouraged between the couple.

All sessions are spaced to allow for confidentiality between clients.

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